About BBQ+

BBQ+ is since 2012 the BBQ competition team from Belgium.

Our bragging rights:

Belgium Champion Barbecue 2012, 2014, 2015
European Champion Pork 2012/2013
5th place Worldchampionship Morocco 2013
Belgium KCBS Champion Low&Slow 2014
2th place European Championship Fish 2014
4th place European KCBS Champion Low Lands 2014
5th Place Spareribs World Championship  the Jack USA 2014
1st Place Pork Baseball BBQ 2015
Grand Champion KCBS Low And Slow Hasselt 2015
Belgium KCBS Champion Low&Slow 2015
3rd Place WBQA Worldchampionship Sweden 2015
1st Place Ribs Prime Uve Invitational Italy
1st Place Pork Règâhs Fest Den Haag 2015
3rd place Overall European KCBS championship 2015
European Champion Spareribs 2015

European Champion Brisket 2017
1st Place Ribs Fire & Meat Deurne 2016
1st Place Brisket Delft BBQ Fest 2016
1st Place Pork EU Regio bbq Germany  2016
Grand Champion Delft BBQ Fest 2016
1st Place Ribs Fire & Meat 2016
1st Place Pork EUregio BBQ festival 2016
1St Place Brisket Eastern BBQ Ninove 2017
1St Place Brisket Regahfest 2017
Grand Champion Regahfest 2017

2018 Grand Champion BBQ on Ice

2018 Grand Champion Eastern BBQ

2018 Grand Champion Beer, Fries & BBQ D2

2018 Grand Champion Tony Stone

2018 Grand Champion Italian Hardcore BBQ D1

2018 Grand Champion Italian Hardcore BBQ D2

2018 Grand Champion Regah Fest yellow The Hague